5 Reasons to Offer Coffee in the Workplace

Drinking coffee is one of the most important parts of the workday, and a significant number of people claim they could not live without it.

5 Reasons to Offer Coffee in the Workplace

The rise in popularity of the high street coffee shop is unquestioned. According to one study, nearly 6 million people visit a coffee shop once a week. This contributes more than £10.5bn to the UK economy. However, coffee culture has now extended to the workplace and is on an upward trend.  

Companies are focussed on getting staff to return to the office following the work from home directives put in place by the UK and devolved governments. Their priority is to keep returning staff safe and to provide them with a warm and welcoming environment.

Savvy office managers and business owners know that being able to provide quality coffee drinks is now a prerequisite and not a luxury. Recent studies have shown that drinking coffee is one of the most important parts of the workday, and a significant number of people claim they could not live without it.

There are 5 main reasons why it’s important for workplaces to offer not just coffee, but very good coffee.

Coffee in the Workplace
Coffee in the Workplace
Coffee in the Workplace
Coffee in the Workplace

1. Great Coffee is an Inexpensive Workplace Benefit

Providing free coffee may not be the most valuable benefit an employer can offer. However, adding a bean to cup coffee machine creates a positive office culture and a positive work environment. Of course, a coffee machine alone is not going to attract or retain workers. However, it is hard to imagine a great workplace with happy employees that does not have good coffee.

Treating your employees to a lovely cup of coffee is a small gesture doesn’t mean it’s not an essential one, as it makes people feel cared for and increases the levels of satisfaction in the workplace. 

  • 87% of employees see small office perks as important to staff retention.
  • 75% of employees agree that having high quality coffee available shows that their employer cares for their wellbeing.
  • 77% of employees across a variety of sectors think that serving good quality coffee in the office is important for clients and visitors.

Providing high quality coffee shines a positive light on workplace culture. Employees simply feel more valued when they have access to small yet meaningful perks.

2. Drinking Coffee Can Boost Your Productivity

Coffee isn’t a magic potion, but the most known effect of caffeine – and the most useful for sleep deprived office workers – is its ability to keep you alert. We all know that coffee makes us feel better and less sleepy, but how this actually works is a mystery to some.

Caffeine increases dopamine levels, and it blocks adenosine receptors. Dopamine is commonly referred to as the “feel-good” messenger as it’s responsible for feeling pleasure and other positive feelings. On the flip side, adenosine receptors are responsible for making us feel tired and sleepy. Caffeine molecules have a structure that is similar to adenosine so when it locks these receptors, it “fools” them into thinking that we’ve had enough sleep.

One of the least known benefits of coffee include increased memory and recollection. This was reported by a study conducted by a group of researchers from John Hopkins University. The report showed that caffeine enhances memory consolidation for up to 24 hours after drinking. Proof if it were needed that if you drink coffee right after learning something, you will remember it more clearly the following day.

Coffee in the Workplace
Coffee in the Workplace

3. Coffee Breaks Are Essential for a Healthy Workplace

In recent years, many health benefits derived from drinking coffee have been established however, perhaps the greatest benefit of drinking coffee is a social one. In a recent study conducted by a Danish researcher concluded that gathering in front of a coffee machine helped overworked employees form ‘coping communities’, which greatly helped them cope with stress.

  • Over half of employees suggested having at least one coffee break a day is an important part of British culture.
  • 83% of staff working for a company with over 20 employees believe coffee breaks with colleague’s help relieve stress.
  • Employees who take a coffee break at least once a day report high levels of physical and mental wellbeing.

If your employees have regular access to high quality coffee, it helps with their wellbeing and relieves stress.

4. Changing Behaviours and Attitudes Towards Coffee Drinks

The daily consumption of espresso-based drinks has nearly tripled since 2008. Incredibly, over 60% of coffee cups consumed daily are now considered gourmet. This includes premium whole bean or ground coffee used in the making of espresso-based beverages..

One possible reason behind this change in habits is probably due to the generational differences within the workforce. The younger workers are the so-called millennials, and their consumption habits are very different from the previous generation. This also goes for coffee consumption. In fact, consumption of gourmet coffee drinks rose from 13% to 36% among 18-24 year olds, and from 19% to 41% among 25-39 year olds.

The new generation’s focus on innovation and specialty coffee is driving a huge change in coffee trends. We can expect this to grow significantly theoughout 2022 and beyond. Luckily, Fresca Coffee offer an extensive range of coffee machines so there is an option for every taste.

Coffee in the Workplace

5. Coffee Is Not Bad For Your Health

Despite what was believed a number of years ago, coffee is not bad for your health. Numerous studies have established that a moderate consumption of coffee can form part of a healthy diet. Furthermore, coffee drinking has been linked to a wide variety of health benefits and reduced risks for a number of diseases, including cancer, diabetes, Parkinson and Alzheimer. They also suggest drinking two or more cups of coffee every day can help against liver diseases.

Like most stimulants though, caffeine is dose dependant, therefore you have to pay attention to the amount of coffee you consume on a daily basis.

There are many reasons why having a good coffee machine is beneficial for the office. Your employees will improve their work life and their productivity, and it will be a much appreciated addition to your office space.

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