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Fresca Coffee provide you with a one stop solution that offers the best in coffee machines, sumptuous ingredients, and a fantastic aftercare service.

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Boost Morale & Increase Productivity

Be the Office Hero

There’s nothing better than meeting with work colleagues and brainstorming ideas over an amazing cup of coffee. It stimulates the brain, and the big ideas just keep on coming. Office coffee culture is much more than a time-wasting trip to the high street coffee shop or worse, that soleless spoonful of instant!

It’s about keeping your staff motivated with an office coffee machine that will defy their expectations and make them happy that they work for a company that cares. In just a couple of minutes, your employee can leave their workstation, pour themselves a cup of the finest coffee and are back at their desk soon after.

Making sure you have the best coffee at work is fundamental to supporting a great coffee culture and getting the best out of your team. We’re passionate about providing offices with amazing tasting bean-to-cup coffee designed to boost morale, increase productivity and we’ll also do our best to make you the office hero!

Which Office Coffee Machine is best for me?



When Technology meets Design

Attention to detail, exquisite design, perfect lighting and unrivalled performance make Koro Prime the focus for the ideal coffee break. Koro Prime is designed with soft, modern lines and is manufactured using a perfect balance of materials. The elegant “mood lighting” illuminates both front and sides and there’s a large display for managing both images and text. The backlit, touch sensitive selection panel completes the look of this perfect modern coffee machine: you can see at a glance that Koro Prime is an elegant machine that will enhance any environment.

Large display, capacitive keypad and door and cup station lighting. Modern finishing in line with current trends.
Large drinks menu, up to 8 selections and possibility to use your own cup or jug in the cup station. Visible coffee beans.
No of Drinks: 8
Beans Capacity: 750g
Versions: Plumbed and Water Tank
Weight: 28kg
Dimensions: H620mm x W330mm x D530mm

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100 - 125 DRINKS PER DAY


Style and technology at your service

Let yourself be conquered by Krea Prime, the latest elegant super-automatic addition to Necta’s Horeca family. With its appealing design – decorative light, chrome frames, shiny black surfaces – and unrivaled performance, Krea Prime is the best solution for your coffee break. The backlit keypad and the elegant display make the drink selection process easy and intuitive, while new, state-of-the-art electronics allow operators to customize recipes quickly and to easily programme the machine.

Backlit capacitive keypad and 4.3 ‘‘ 480×272 display (16 millions of colors), new electronic platform and WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G and LAN connectivity.
Same internal components as the current Krea: the best reliability. New wider cup room, easier to be cleaned and stainless steel delivery area with metal cup support, which gives the machine a professional HoReCa appearance.
No of Drinks: 10
Beans Capacity: 1.2kg
Versions: Plumbed
Weight: 41kg
Dimensions: H750mm x W410mm x D574mm

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Distinctive, modern, elegant

Krea Touch is the new elegant model which enriches the Necta Horeca Family. Appealing design, decorative light, chrome frames, shiny black surfaces, unrivalled performance make Krea Touch the ideal solution for your coffee break. The wide touch screen and the user friendly interface allow a number of selections, flexible and customized recipes management, roasters branding, selling activities and video management.

Patented Z4000 coffee brewer, compact espresso boiler with 600 cc capacity for high throughput and modular canisters for instant products. Top quality drinks and optimized delivery times.
An elegant model with 7” HD Touch screen, decorative light, chrome frames and shiny black surfaces.

New wider cup room, easy to clean and stainless steel delivery area with metal cup support.

New electronic platform for an easy management of touch screen and machine programming. Configuration of the machine set-up through GIGA management software and color coding of the main internal components for easy maintenance.
No of Drinks: Up to 10
Beans Capacity: 1.2kg
Versions: Plumbed
Weight: 41kg
Dimensions: H750mm x W410mm x D574mm

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